NetDrive helps your team with tools that bring everyone’s work together in one focused place.
Access and share files, coordinate projects with co-workers, and communicate right alongside everyone’s work.

Team Drive

Sharing files and folders is important when collaborating in a team environment.
Team drive let everyone store and share files from one place.

01. Create Team Drive

Team Maintainer can create team drives.

02. Publish Team Drive

Publish team drive and it will be distributed to all members immediately.

03. Team members login

Team members need to configure their own login user id and password.

04. Change settings and republish

Team maintainer can change all drive configurations and republish it.

05. Unpublish team drive

Team maintainer can unpublish a team drive and it will be remove from team members.
Before removing the drive from members it will be unmounted if it's mounted.

Ensure file safety with file lock

With NetDrive File Lock Service, you can lock your files and prevent others from modifying, renaming and deleting your file.

01. File Lock Icons

file lock

Gray icon over folder means there are one or more locked files under this folder.
It includes files locked by you and other member.

file lock

Blue icon means it was locked by you.
You can modify the file but you cannot rename, move or delete the file.

file lock

Red icon means it was locked by other members.
You cannot modify, rename, move or delete the file.

02. File Lock Menu

file lock menu

Right click on a file shows NetDrive context
· Lock - Lock selected file(s)
· Unlock - Unlock selected file(s)
· Force unlock - Force unlock selected file(s)
· Locked files list - Show locked files list window

03. Locked Files List

This window lists all files locked,
who locked the file and the device name.

Team Maintainer Role

01. Team admin

By default, team admin has team maintainer role. If you have team license you can assign team maintainer role to another member on your team manage page.