Category Sub Category NetDrive WebDrive ExpanDrive Mountain Duck RaiDrive CloudMounter
Supported OS Windows O O O O O O
macOS O O O O X O
Linux * X O X X X
Drive Type Network Drive O O O O O X
Read-only Drive O O O O O X
Local Disk O X X X O X
Removable Drive O X X X X O
Feature Background Uploading O O O O X O
Offline mode X X ** O X O
File browser*** O X O X X X
File status icon O X O O X O
Shareable Link **** X O O X X
Mount on boot O X ***** X X X
CLI tool O X X X X X
Custom bandwidth O X X O X X
Client-side Encryption X X X O X O
Collaboration Team Solution O X O X X X
Support read-only Office files O X O O O X
File lock O ****** X X X X
Manual directory refresh O X X X X O
10,000 files (WebDAV, 4kb) 5 min 4 min 27 min 40 min 27 min N/A+
800 MB file (WebDAV) 79 sec 89 sec 80 sec 77 sec 75 sec N/A+
10,000 files (WebDAV, 4kb) 3 min 77 min 5 min 52 min N/A++ 70 min
800 MB file (WebDAV) 85 sec 94 sec 86 sec 84 sec N/A++ 98 sec
Localization O O X O O X
Supported Storage Types 20+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 20+ 10+
Version Windows 3.11 2019-5345 7.5 4.1.2 2020.6.5 3.6
macOS 3.11 2018-600 7.5 4.1.2 N/A 3.6
Let us know if there is any problem in the comparison. Performance tests were proceeded in the same setups and coditions and it's results may vary under different conditions.
* Experimental version, ** Limited conditions, *** Browsing remote files without mounting,
**** Supported only in File Browser, ***** Supported by other product of the same company,
****** Support only WebDAV, + No WebDAV on Windows, ++ No macOS version