Add and Configure Drives

Click "+" button at lower right side to add drive items. You can also change drive configuration of each added drive item by clicking "CONFIG".

  • Type in the name of the drive item in LABEL category.

  • Click "COLOR" button to select the background color of each drive item.

  • Select drive letter for each mounted drive in MOUNT category. You may also select drive type, either network drive or local drive.


    • No automatic mount : Connects only when user proceeds CONNECT command.
    • Mount on boot : Connects on system boot (Windows only). Note connected drives will be shown to all windows users since it is connected by SYSTEM account.
    • Mount on login : Connects when Bdrive account is logged on after NetDrive Application is executed.
  • UPLOAD OPTIONS : This option applies when you upload files using Windows Explorer or macOS Finder

    • Use background uploading : After configuring a file in local cache, uploads files to remote site. Even the file copy is completed in Windows Explorer, it is possible that NetDrive is still uploading the file in background.
    • Use on-the-fly uploading in Explorer : Copies files without using cache. It might be slightly slower than background uploading.

    • Writable drive : Connects as writable drives.
    • Read only drive : Connects as read only drives. Create/delete/rename of file or folder is not possible.

    • Always retrieve file list from server : Does not use cache on file list but instead calls for the file list from the server. It might be slight slower in terms of speed.
    • As a removable drive : Connects as removable drive such as USB memory stick.
    • Treat files and folders starting with a dot as hidden : Files and folders with starting dot will not be shown.
  • Click "OK" button to finish adding a drive item.