For help installing NetDrive, please visit our Storage Guide, Troubleshooting and Use cases.
Details of Licenses and Accounts issues are explained in Documents.

Add and Configure Drives

Click "+" button at lower right side to add drive items. You can also change drive configuration of each added drive item by clicking "CONFIG".

  • Type in the name of the drive item in LABEL category.

  • Click "COLOR" button to select the background color of each drive item.

  • Select drive letter for each mounted drive in MOUNT category. You may also select drive type, either network drive or local drive. Some applications works only in a specific drive type. If your application doesn't work please try to change drive type. On macOS you need to select local drive to use Spotlight search. With this option Spotlight search works on mounted drives but it will make more network traffics for making indexes for Spotlight search. (Local drive support will be included in NetDrive 3.17)


    • In account : Drive configuration will be stored on account server. If you use NetDrive with same account on other computer same configuration will be downloaded from account server.
    • In device : Drive configuration will be stored on your computer and not uploaded to account server.

    • No automatic mount : Connects only when user proceeds CONNECT command.
    • Mount on boot : Connects on system boot (Windows only). Note connected drives will be shown to all windows users since it is connected by SYSTEM account.
    • Mount on login : Connects when Bdrive account is logged on after NetDrive Application is executed.
  • UPLOAD OPTIONS : This option applies when you upload files using Windows Explorer or macOS Finder

    • Use background uploading : After configuring a file in local cache, uploads files to remote site. Even the file copy is completed in Windows Explorer, it is possible that NetDrive is still uploading the file in background.
    • Use on-the-fly uploading in Explorer : Copies files without using cache. It might be slightly slower than background uploading.

    • Writable drive : Connects as writable drives.
    • Read only drive : Connects as read only drives. Create/delete/rename of file or folder is not possible.

    • Always retrieve file list from server : Does not use cache on file list but instead calls for the file list from the server. It might be slight slower in terms of speed.
    • As a removable drive : Connects as removable drive such as USB memory stick.
    • Treat files and folders starting with a dot as hidden : Files and folders with starting dot will not be shown.
  • Click "OK" button to finish adding a drive item.