After 4 years, support and update for NetDrive2 ended on October 1, 2018 (

We no longer provide security updates or technical support. Recent API changes of cloud service providers will not be supported as well.

If you have your NetDrive2 license number, you can continue to use the software with our last NetDrive2 version. If you need to download NetDrive2 install file, register your NetDrive2 license number in Plans & Products category of NetDrive2 ( in new Support Site after you Create Account ID.

Find information how to register NetDrive2 license in

To migrate to major updated NetDrive3 version, write to our Support Site with your NetDrive2 license number and newly created account ID. One discount code (1 time use) will be sent which can be used to purchase as many licenses as needed. Your NetDrive2 license number will be invalidated immediately.

For your information, compared to NetDrive2, newly major updated NetDrive3 version has improvements in terms of speed, stability, background upload, new protocol, new OS, read-only drive, mount on boot, etc. It is important to know that NetDrive3 does not use license number anymore, but Bdrive account ID to login instead. We have different kinds of license types and you can learn more in NetDrive3 License.