File listing (WebDAV, FTP/FTPS/ SFTP)

For WebDAV, FTP/FTPS, SFTP protocols file list reloading from server will be blocked for a folder where files are being uploaded. File listing for other folders are working without any limits.

Because of this limitations, files uploaded to the same folder from other users will be shown when file uploading is finised.

File system is not available (macOS)

When you cannot mount remote storage on macOS

NetDrive needs to register a virtual device for user to access virtual file systems. The number of available virtual device slots are limited by macOS. So if you are using other softwares that uses these device slots NetDrive will not be able to register its virtual device and it cannot connect to remote storages.

You can list currently registered virtual devices using following command.

$ kextstat
Index Refs Address            Size       Wired      Name (Version) UUID <Linked Against>
1  119 0xffffff7f80c58000 0xc340     0xc340 (19.2.0) C509F3BC-8645-439D-83FF-246EF205D74F
2   12 0xffffff7f80c99000 0x5d00     0x5d00 (19.2.0) 4FD0D85E-D4C8-4EA5-85EE-58576053BC4B
3  145 0xffffff7f80c11000 0x257a0    0x257a0 (19.2.0) EF98EB82-7671-47D2-8209-4107EC24B00D
4    0 0xffffff7f83535000 0x57e0     0x57e0 (19.2.0) BA25574A-60E7-46D4-9D88-58E508D4BD94
5  151 0xffffff7f80c00000 0x100b0    0x100b0 (19.2.0) 951CBB94-0DD9-40D3-B0C3-2BD5545A4CBA
6  134 0xffffff7f80c37000 0x62e0     0x62e0 (19.2.0) 2F53974D-C9C7-4F5B-AB4D-8AB55924F774
7   87 0xffffff7f80c3e000 0x104c0    0x104c0 (19.2.0) 74F84085-D361-41A0-A3D5-0E616E23E88C
8   89 0xffffff7f80c4f000 0x8200     0x8200 (19.2.0) D822DE60-38DA-4E55-8422-C371551488BA
9    2 0xffffff7f80d5d000 0x10000    0x10000 (1) 93FADEC1-CBCF-3B33-A28E-6DC4C01CA22D <5>

It can list more than hundred devices registered to your system (YMMV).

Use following command to list only third party devices.

$ kextstat | grep -v

You can unload kext using following command.

$ sudo kextunload -b

After unload some kexts please install NetDrive again to register NetDrive virtual device.

Locked files shown to be deleted (Windows)

From NetDrive 3.9 we supports file locking. Locked files cannot be overwritten, renamed or deleted. On Windows operating system when you try to delete locked file it is deleted and will disappear from Windows Explorer but actually the file is not removed from your server. After refresh or remount you can find your file again.

This is a known issue and we are looking for the solution.