About Us

Creator of the popular FTP management software NetDrive, we produce cutting-edge software integrating applications with online services for sharing,accessing and storing files, over a broad range of devices.

Our passion is making a product which places personal cloud computing in millions of people's hands. All of Bdrive’s products contain a unique component: our passion and vision for an easier and more convenient lifestyle within your personal cloud.



NetDrive connects storage servers with WEBDAV and FTP protocol. It allows Windows users to manage files and folders on a storage server as though they were located on your PC’s local drive, using a simple drag and drop process.


We offer NetDrive to software vendors and service providers through our OEM license program. Since NetDrive can be easily customized and integrated into existing software products or services, it will enable software developers to add a powerful OS integration without any significant investment on development. For further inquiry on additional information, pricing or licensing terms, please do not hesitate to contact us.


NetDrive v1.x uses neon, an http and WebDAV client library. Neon is licensed under LGPL.

NetDrive v2.x up to v2.4 uses Dokan. Dokan is licensed under LGPL.

NetDrive v2.5 and above uses open source softwares under various licenses. Please refer to licenses.pdf.